Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Everyone,
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Here is our latest post from guest blogger Shannon Herbert - you too can get ready for our Fall Foliage 5K on October 22 - register now at

Adventures in Healthy Living: Being Active
As a college student, I can often be heard cursing inanimate objects with all the intensity of a Shakespearean villain:
“Oh, homework, why must you torment me so?”
“Curse you, empty wallet!”
“Laundry, methinks thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee.”*
(*This may be a bit of an exaggeration. Just a bit, though.)

While it may seem to the unknowing that I am attacking said object, what I’m really lamenting is the need to put in effort. Homework, laundry, and a lack of money are all things that metaphorically shove me out of bed and into action, and there is nothing that a college student dislikes more than having to get out of bed.

However, I have recently come to the realization that effort is needed for a happy, active life, and as a result I have made the decision to be more physically active this year, rather than continuing my past Dorito-and-nap-filled existence.

My first stop in my quest to be active is, as you might have guessed, Cope Environmental Center, where there are many opportunities to move about and do things. The event that immediately caught my attention was the Fall Foliage 5K Run/Walk on October 22.

Let me just say, I have never considered myself a 5K kind of person. In fact, I remember being eight-years-old and laughing at the “get out, get healthy” commercials while drinking my over-sweetened Kool-Aid. However, if there’s anything that motivates me to put in effort, it’s a goal and a deadline. So ever since I heard about this upcoming event about a month ago, I have been taking steps to get myself ready to partially run (but probably mostly walk) this 5K.

If you too would like to become more active – or if you’re already active and would just like to laugh at me – come to Fall Foliage 5K, where you can either run or walk through the beautiful trails of Cope. From now until October 18, registration is only $15, and it is $20 after that. So, in the interest of saving money and not cursing your empty wallet like I am, be sure to register now.

In future posts I will include tips on being healthy and active, so look forward to that. I expect to see you all at the event. I’ll be the one with the Doritos.

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