Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Composting in 2010 by Chuck Warner

Hi All:

Well here we are in 2010 and there still isn't much activity on the CEC blog so I will kick start the new year with a quick message. How did everyone do on their goal to be more green in 2009? If you remember I had vowed to start composting and even though I labored about how to do it all during the year I started right away. First I did it the hard way...let me explain. I live in a subdivision where you can't just have a big stinky pile of garbage in your back yard. I already had a pile of dirt in my side yard that was left over from a landscape project. I kept a plastic bucket under the sink and later in the garage to put my compostable stuff in. Whenever it would get enough in it to make it worth it I would dig a small hole in the dirt pile and bury the kitchen scraps under the soil. I also put yard waste on the pile and that was about it. I felt good that I was "composting" but I knew that I needed a better plan for winter when the ground was frozen and I couldn't dig. I had been looking at the commercial compost bins and thought about building one from a variety of materials but I just couldn't decide on the right approach. Finally on one of my trips to Sams Club I found a composter that met my requirements. Below is a link that shows it.

This unit is well made, assembles quick, can be moved (although you start over), and it is resonable priced. You can get different colors but the black is the best for composting because the sun warms it to accelerate the process.

If someone tells me they can't compost because they don't have any place to put the compost pile so the neighbors won't complain...problem solved. Now for the price of a dinner out for 2 you can reduce the waste going to the sewage desposal plant for processing, reduce or eliminate sending compostable material to the landfill, and never buy nutient rich soil for your flower garden.


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  1. Thanks for the link, Chuck. I just moved into a subdivision and am thinking through ways to compost effectively. At our previous home, we had good luck with the simple 2 pile method without smells or even animals. We had a lot less scraps in the winter, but overall, we always had some great, rich compost for the vegetable beds and flower pots in the spring and summer. At any rate, I'll take a look online at your new composter to see if it might be a better system for us now. Thanks!