Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Green" Gadgets

Hey, everyone!  It's Erica, again.  I am far from a “techie,” but I have to admit that I do not know what I would do without my iPod or my smart phone.  So many gadgets are out there that are environmentally-friendly AND cool, but I am clueless as to how far eco-technology has progressed; therefore, I decided to hunt for innovative, new gadgets that support a sustainable lifestyle.  I must admit that I was shocked at the inventions that have been produced lately that I had no idea even existed (I should know about this stuff, as a young person, but no worries, I am just as surprised at what I found as some of you may be)! 

Phone Charger T-Shirts
1.     Phone Chargers on Your T-shirt:  These t-shirts convert sound energy into energy to charge your cell phone or iPod.  Just attach your device on the chest of your t-shirt, and the technology on the stomach of the shirt will do the rest.  Imagine wearing one of these at a concert!

Solar-Powered Cooler
2.      Solar-Powered Cooler and Speakers:  This backpack keeps food and drinks cool with the power of the sun.  Not only that, but it houses two speakers for your music player and various chargers for your other electronic devices.  What a great way to come prepared for a hike or a soccer game!

Soda Maker
3.      Soda Maker:  With this little machine, you can make your own flavored sodas or seltzer water, in the comfort of your own home.  You can choose your own flavors and even mix them to create your own concoction without the use of electricity.  What a refreshing way to reduce the use of plastic containers!

Planter Lamp
4.      Lamps with Built-in Planters:  These Liquid Wood lamps (an organic material) have an LED strip built-in above the planter that serves as a lamp, while you grow your choice of houseplant.  With this eco-gadget, you can fulfill your New Year’s resolution of “greening your thumb” with a functional decoration for your home.
Water-Powered Alarm Clock

5.     Water-Powered Alarm Clock:  Save electricity by simply pouring water into the H2O battery on the side of the clock.  No need to replace old batteries either when your clock stops, just remember to fill it back up with water from your sink.  The only downside is that you cannot blame your clock anymore for making you late!

These are just a few of the many cool, new ways to “go green” this year (see or to find more information about the products listed here).  Whether you are in need of a new gadget, or you simply wish to treat yourself for that one fewer napkin you have been selecting, these ideas are a great way to do so.   What are you waiting for?  Go get your very own “green” gadget!  You and your planet deserve it!

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