Monday, May 7, 2012

A Fond Farewell-

            Most non-profit organizations are lucky enough to work with volunteers. These individuals donate their most valuable resource to the organization-- their time.  Volunteers, dedicating their energy and talents to a non-profit organization, are able to accomplish some pretty incredible things. Here at Cope Environmental Center, we have wonderful event volunteers and a fantastic corps of dedicated volunteers who lend their skills and time to the betterment of CEC.  Within CEC’s volunteer corps, we have a wonderful mix of helpful individuals called Bonner Scholars.

Bonner Scholars come to CEC through a program coordinated by Earlham College and are a huge asset to the center, working on important projects throughout the school year. This year, as in previous years, we have been blessed with a wonderful group of Bonner Scholars who have added so much to our organization. We grow very close to our Bonner Scholars throughout their four years at Earlham and are always sad to see them go!

This year, we are grateful for the help that Katrina Cohoe, Erin Crooks, and Luke Tierney have provided for us throughout their time at Earlham. Katrina has been essential in leaving a legacy model to use to take care of our produce garden; Erin has done great work caring for the garden and planting it, and Luke has been a tireless eradicator of invasive species on the property. These students have left a lasting impression on the property and on the staff throughout their time here and we wish them great success in their future endeavors. Come visit us soon!

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