Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Windy City Diary, Part I

Hello everyone!  It's Erica again, recently back from a trip to Chicago!  One thing that always amazes me about big cities is their initiative to become more "green."  This may seem ironic, considering the vast amounts of waste produced and exhaust fumes emitted all in one area, but if you think about it, these larger cities have much to overcome.  They know that they are hulking beds of environmentally unfriendly industrialism, so they have to fight harder to prove even their tiniest steps in creating a sustainable future.  Chicago seems to be heading in the right direction--at least in the area of awareness. So, I have decided that  I will point out some of this great city's attempts at sustainability.  Let's begin with a topic of interest for the ladies:  fashion.

I am a sucker for cute clothes.  I even switch my handbag each day to match my outfit; however, I realize that not all clothing is created equal.  There are some brands that do not take the environment into consideration in the least, so when I see a shop that promotes sustainability, I am willing to pay a little more.  When I went shopping in Chicago the other day, I was ready to pay that extra buck for a dress made of organic cotton or shoes made from recycled plastic, but what I found was almost too good to be true.

Many of you may have heard of the international brand H&M, if not for their up-to-date fashions, at least for their extremely reasonable prices.  Here I was, entering the doors of this adorable mecca, ready to shop 'til I dropped, when I saw a sign advertising a new sustainable line that they were featuring.  I went to check out the small line, proud that at least a small portion of the store was making an effort, but as I left this area and made my way around the three-story shop, I found that this line was scattered throughout!  I found tops made of recycled polyester and skirts made of organic cotton...to say I was excited in an understatement.  To think that one of my favorite stores could have inexpensive, fashionable clothing that fights for a sustainable future is outrageous!  I did not have room in my bags to buy much; needless to say, I will be returning soon. I suggest you do too!

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